I dug out an old piece from the files yesterday which I think can be significantly improved for a submission later this month. It has all the hallmarks of something to which material has been added in order to comply with a minimum duration, so it should be a fairly simple matter to excise the excess and end up with something of far better quality, thanks the to slightly less ambitious criteria of this particular call for scores.

Looking at the piece now – I cannot have been that pleased with it even then for it still resides, untitled, in my In Progress folder – I can recognise immediately the moments where I was rushed and with which I was least pleased. It all comes straight back to me looking at it now.

There is some promising material in there, however, and I can already see some moments where the composer I am now can improve upon what was written by the composer I was then, which at least shows that I am making some kind of progress. By the time this is done, which will not be too long from today, the piece will be much tighter, much leaner, and much better.

It was Parly Choir online rehearsal again last night, my visitors this week being the basses, at least two of whom have arrived at the stage where the red wine is no longer hidden in a mug but out there in a bespoke glass. I was, I will admit, a little jealous, but even in my most wayward days I would never have had a tipple in rehearsal. Sometimes I look back at those days and wonder how on earth I made it through, but times were different then and so was I. At least I learned a little from it all.

On other fronts, over the weekend I was accepted as one of the in-house writers for a well-regarded board gaming website, which adds to the roster of folks for whom I write on this lovely topic, and said website has subscribers towards the ten thousand mark, so I am pretty pleased about that. Writing has always been something I have done, even from my very earliest days, whether words or music, so it is always a plus when it takes one more small step in the right direction.