I continued with some writing yesterday afternoon, having spent the morning tidying up a few loose ends that had accumulated over the weekend. With the cat on my lap and everything else balanced precariously next to me I wondered why I was not upstairs at my desk, but it was a chance to write and I was keen to take it.

Ideally I would always sketch initially onto paper and transfer to digital media late in the day, but sometimes this is not possible, and I do wonder whether the quality of what I produce is different as a result of the compositional process. I have definitely won a competition or two writing directly onto the screen, but there is something reassuring about having doodles all around me and of being able to skitter through various pages without having to rearange them on a monitor.

There will be more of this today, for the current piece needs to be finished within the next couple of days, so the deadline is tight and spare moments need to be taken. Thankfully, with things as they are, there are spare moments there for the taking.

I had a non-musical opportunity open up yesterday, which represents a further step on a new ladder, about which I am quite excited. It is definitely one of those hobby things that might turn into something a little more substantial, but for now I am viewing it as a little bit of fun and a chance to earn some pocket money.

So that is it for the morning blog, the cat on my lap (again) but the laptop on the kitchen table, which is a little more comfortable than the arm of the sofa. It has been a year since the first lockdown and here we still are, my own thoughts turning to September as the time when things possibly get back to normal, but for now I shall focus on the present and let the future look after itself.