The problem with watching two episodes of The Terror back to back and then playing a solo game of Terraforming Mars just before bed is that you end up dreaming that you are stranded in the Arctic with Jared Harris, wondering where to place an aquifer, all the while being stalked by some invisible entity while you run out of food and sanity. Of such things are my dreams made.

On the other hand, it all meant that I was up at half past five, glad to be in Somerset rather than on Beechey Island, the birds already happily into their dawn chorus, and have already, with the hour just gone half past eight, completed the latest piece and signed, sealed and delivered it to its submission. At the beginning of 2020 I did a run of this up-early-and-get-it-done stuff and it worked pretty well until the wheels came off the world.

Doubtless there will be snoozing later today, but I am pleased with the way this morning’s session has gone, and the piece itself is quite refreshing, based loosely on major and minor triads but twisting and turning as if in the wind, only fleetingly stopping in any particular place. A week ago none of this existed, so there is a new piece in my catalogue which, in all honesty, I never thought that I would get to finishing.

I also him to admit that I suspected it would be pretty terrible even if I did finish it, so to get it done and have it look decent on the page is what one might call a result, and all before the second coffee of the day. Here sits a happy composer.

On to the next project, then, which is already in the starting blocks, and also some more tweaking on the symphony. At some point I shall put these smaller submission projects aside and concentrate exclusively on the large piece instead, but it would seem to make sense to do that only when things are getting back to normal. Until then I shall keep the wheels turning and the notes spinning.