At times I never thought that I would write these words again, but today is going to be a busy day. There we have it, a day with some work to do, some projects to chase and some boxes to tick.

Most pressingly of all, I shall be appearing on a Zoom a couple of times to discuss the release of today’s Coffee Break Concert by OperaUpClose, which goes live online at 3.30 this afternoon. This will feature the first performance of my Three Songs To Poems By Emily Dickinson by Flora McIntosh, but also some Shakespeare settings by Guy Woolfenden, performed by Joseph Doody.

There will also be contributions from Athena Stevens, Jade Anouka and Fiona Shaw, as well as Rosabella Gregory, which is a line-up that has caused me to let out little exclamations of excitement for some time now. It will be free to watch but with an option to donate, if you feel so moved, and the previous Coffee Break Concert is also available and will remain online until May.

I also have had a couple of discussions this week about some new projects, both of which could be very exciting and which, alongside today’s events, are maybe a sign that the thaw is beginning to come. Here we are talking about a choral work and a set of songs, possibly each of moderate scale, and I have been hunting for appropriate texts all morning.

Now I need to scurry off and do my make-up for BBC Radio Somerset, and then stay screen ready for an online chat about the concert this evening. The sun is out as well, so this could indeed be a very good day.