I am back at the writing desk this morning feeling a little refreshed after the Easter weekend, if also full of chocolate, the Easter bunny having been very generous in its ministrations this year. It still feels distinctly strange not being part of the rhythm of the church year, having only been in to play once in 2021, but hopefully that will all return in time.

There are some writing projects to be getting on with, not all of them musical, as well as some other bits and pieces, including one or two offers of work a little further down the line, signs of optimism that whatever numbered wave may be next in arriving it might not be as destructive as those that went before. I will keep on keeping on, as one does, until told to act differently.

I am now in the fortunate position of having three, possibly four pieces on the go, two of which are nebulous commissions, currently at the stage of being discussed but with the likelihood of becoming more concrete as time goes on. The other two are (number one) for a call for scores and (number two) The Symphony.

At least I feel, after a few days off and some more time away from the piece, that I am ready to go on The Symphony once again, that boat in the Suez Canal having at least given me a chuckle about the magnitude of it all, even if I do not feel massive amounts of pressure to get it done immediately. It is not for a commission, after all, and I would be unable to pitch it for a performance until performances are a thing once more, so steady as she goes.

All four of these pieces are looking to be rather expansive, though, which is a rather inviting vista to be looking at on the writing table, possibilities and directions and destinations and tangents currently all mixed up but hopefully sorting themselves out slowly but surely as time presses on. After all, they managed to dig that boat out in the end, and I have always been one for the small but constant daily efforts, so while the paths for all four pieces look overgrown and forbidding now, I know that at a certain point from now it will all seem clear, even obvious.