Despite the good work that I did on the symphony last week I have let it sit for a couple of days while I have explored a couple of new non-musical avenues, but I was back to it this morning, and have already done a decent session even as the clock ticks over to nine o’clock. There seems to be a pattern here, that an early start and a session of writing in the quiet of the morning tends to get things done, leaving plenty of time for exploration of other avenues later.

I have continued my work on the final section of the symphony today. The movement that is missing the most material is the third (which is actually the beginning of the second span of music) but I feel that I shall have a better idea of what it needs if I can get the closing section nailed.

When I get this to a stage where I feel that the finale is running properly then I shall focus on the third movement, as I have a feeling about what it needs but that feeling has yet to coalesce into something solid. I also know that there will need to be a link between the final two sections in an attempt to make the emergence into the final movement feel logical and inevitable.

That use of the word “logical” brings Sibelius to mind, with his remark about a symphony being an expression of “the profound logic”, and that is certainly the feeling that I get when I hear what there is of my piece. It feels as though it follows a slow and inexorable journey to its destination, which is what I wanted it to do, but every now and again I am taken aback a little at just how strongly it forges that path.

If and when people get to hear it the impression should be of a journey that begins in darkness without much in the way of indication as to where the road or the destination might be, but the ending, once revealed, should feel as if it was obvious all along. What that says about the compositional experience or even the experience of the past year I do now know, but it feels right, and that will have to do for now.