Another early morning yesterday and another decent session of work on the second span of the symphony, slow movement and finale. There is still a large amount of work to be done here, but I am chipping away with regularity and the piece ends the day better than it started it, which is the most important thing.

I decided on some important things regarding the slow ‘movement’, which I hope will now help me to understand which material belongs where and what its purpose in the grand scheme of that section might be. I am still a little short of notes here in order to bring the piece into its proper proportions, but I am getting there and am optimistic that yesterday’s tinkerings will help to give me more focus.

I also excised the new material that I had added in the day before. It felt awkward and gauche, and if those things are going to be felt in the piece then I would rather that they happened by accident rather than because I added something that I shoehorned in. I did that thing of leaving the piece to simmer and then listening to it afresh and it felt totally wrong, so I cut the entire section.

Thankfully said section had not progressed too far down the road, and I had had slight misgivings from the start about it anyway, that feeling of unease that I used to ignore but which now I know means exactly what it is hinting at. After all, we are here now because our ancestors listened to their instincts so if my forebears are telling me that something is wrong with my symphony then it is probably wise to listen to them.

I need to decide within the next twenty four hours whether to continue to ride this wave of momentum on the symphony or to leave it for a couple of weeks and concentrate on something else, and at the moment things look about fifty-fifty. I really, really want to finish this piece before too long, but the thought of something else remaining unwritten because of it makes me a little easy. I wonder if there is a way to reconcile the two.