This week I am deep in the belly of the slow movement of the symphony. The basic frame is still not correct despite some remedial work last week, so it is going to be a question of knocking down and building back up over the next days and then seeing where we are come Friday afternoon.

It is getting there, though, and in the midst of the moments where everything holds together in the most rudimentary sense and other bars which are so redolent of the “anything will do here” dips of my younger years there are some good things going on. Every little bit of work brings it closer to completion, though my lofty aim of having the piano score finished by the end of the month is clearly not going to happen.

Yesterday I stumbled across the news that the new Del Amitri album, their first since 2002’s lethargic Can You Do Me Good?, will be released next month, and that a single is already out and about. The boys have clearly been busy, putting the disc together in three weeks, and who can’t be excited about an album whose final track is called Nation Of Caners?

Compare and contrast with King’s X, whose new album was recorded back in 2019 and which still awaits release. I know that they keep on adding details to it and tweaking here and there, but I thought that only JEBO were allowed to take five years to put an album together.

So the symphony is more of a King’s X disc than one by Del Amitri, a slow burn, but at least I shall have a new album to put on in the background when I finally get around to working on the orchestration. Or two.