The symphony is really beginning to come together now but, my goodness, it has been a long and tough grind. I did some more work on the slow movement yesterday, refining links so that one set of material merges into the next naturally, adding consistent harmonies and, once again, listening to the whole thing from beginning to end.

The bad news is that there is still some way to go and that a great deal of detail work still needs to be done, but the good news is that it definitely does sound like something, and that something might just be a symphony. I am not coming out of the pandemic having written a book or learned a new language or having honed the body beautiful, but at least I shall emerge with something.

I also feel that my target of having the entire piece finished by the end of August, orchestration and all, is within my grasp, as long as I can get the piano score done and dusted by the end of June. As I said to somebody a few days ago, orchestration feels a little like colouring in once all the outlines and details have been done, so it is much less intensive on the brain, even pleasurable at times.

As for performing the work, well, who knows? I shall put it in front of a few people and see what they say and how they react, but it is quite possible that the piece will sit here on my computer for some time until the right wheels grind into motion.

At least it exists, though. For about a decade I knew that there was a symphony in me, perhaps only the one, and now it is nearly finished. It has turned out in many ways to be quite different from what I had expected, yet it has still adhered to my initial vision, and the process of writing it has been a true education, an example on a massive scale of how the creative process works, and I shall take those lessons on board with enthusiasm.