Things are definitely showing signs of returning to normal, whether that normal turns out to be old or new, and the latter part of the weekend was spent recovering from the previous two days, but it was a good experience. This week should be more calm and provide me with a good opportunity to push on with work on the symphony.

On Friday we returned to Bath for the first time in nearly a year and popped along to the cinema we had been planned to go to when all the shutters first came down all those months ago. It was their first showing since reopening, and they were clearly a little rusty with the whole turning-the-lights-down thing, but the manager gave all twelve of us at the screening free tickets to another showing, so everybody was pretty happy.

The following day we met up with a friend for his birthday and spent a couple of hours in the garden at one of our local hostelries. It was a fine chance to catch up with people in good surroundings, also to chat with the owners about their experiences over the past year and their plans for the future.

By Sunday the nervous exhaustion of the previous two days kept things very quiet, apart from the shouting during the formation lap of the Grand Prix, but I feel myself ready to go this week and would hope to have made some serious progress on the symphony by the time Saturday rolls around once more. There are also a couple of other projects to keep on the boil, so a strong start to the week is in order.

While in Bath I also popped into the Friendly Local Game Store and came away with a couple of boxes under my arm, cracking one of them open over the weekend with great pleasure. Slowly and surely things are coming back to life, and while there is still a long way to go it really does seem as if we are closer to the end than to the beginning.

Like emerging from a dream.