The going in the slow movement of the symphony is harder than I had initially thought, and it really does feel as if I am hacking my way through some very thick undergrowth indeed in search of the correct path. Even opening up the file to do another stint feels like hard work, though once I am up and running it all becomes easier.

Towards the end of last week I let the piece continue playing into the subsequent link and then into the final movement and my mood immediately lightened. This final section of the symphony seems to be working really well, and although there are some moments which will need proper orchestration to come fully to light it really is beginning to feel like a finished product.

It is also helpful to hear this, to know that slow and steady work can lead to decent results when you just stick at it and that the end result is worth the countless hours that have been put in. Well, that is what I feel (more or less) about the finale and possibly even the opening two movements, but there is still a way to go on the slow section and hopefully it will all look and sound better by the end of this week as long as I can keep finding the energy to double click on the file.

I spent a great deal of Friday and the weekend listening to the new Del Amitri album which is…well, it’s a definite grower as all Del Amitri albums are, currently at eight out of ten and rising. As always the melodies and harmonies suck you in like sirens and then eventually the lyrics smack you in the face. What is it about the kids these days that they give songs ten seconds or so? Del Amitri are definitely for the grizzled veterans who can wait around three whole minutes for the punchline.

There are some astoundingly beautiful songs on there, and I already adore Second Staircase, which is about those hidden places in the heart where nameless ghosts live, profound and disturbing, but I also love the twisted sentiments of I’m So Scared Of Dying, and all three of the singles are, frankly, winners too. It’s not quite up there with Twisted and Change Everything, but it’s an equal of Waking Hours and Some Other Sucker’s Parade, and miles better than Can You Do Me Good? which is basically what I was after.

So welcome back, Del Amitri:

Is this a revival
Or just the last breath
At the end of the regime?
People toast our survival
As if slogging on
Is living out the dream.