I was up in London over the weekend for some work, playing at Mary Abbots on Sunday morning and heading home in the afternoon, thankfully encountering less traffic than I had the week before at the start of half term. With the football season over the BBC put the Grand Prix commentary on Radio 5 and I listened to the entire thing, eventually sitting in the car park in Tesco in Shepton for the mad two-lap sprint to the finish.

For once it was a thrilling race, and the podium was full to bursting with good stories as Sergio Perez, who came so close to being out of Formula One this year, scored a victory from seventh on the grid, Sebastian Vettel finally showed once again what made him a four-time champion, and Pierre Gasly delivered on the potential he has demonstrated this year. It also felt that Lewis Hamilton’s ending up with no points at least balanced out that his championship rival ended up with none through no fault of his own.

While driving into London on Saturday night I was flitting between various radio stations and whatever happened to be in the CD player when I happened upon the Radio 2 Rock Show, which has apparently been given an hour in which to express itself. I nearly hyperventilated with excitement when I clicked over and heard King’s X being played, possibly for the first time ever on national radio.

Johnnie Walker, presumably the only DJ not too embarrassed to be associated with the Rock Show, spoke of the band in decent terms, but, alas, with no mention of the already recorded but long-delayed new album, which I had assumed was the reason for their being played. Ah well, we should probably be grateful for small mercies.

Otherwise the weekend was fairly quiet, although with little moments of work on the symphony and other bits of writing as well to keep the pocket money coming in. The week ahead will bring more of the same, and out there next weekend is something I have not experienced for nearly a year – a band rehearsal!