Well, in the end yesterday’s announcement was not really a surprise, which is what you get when you have been telling the newspapers for a week what you are going to do so as to keep them vaguely onside. Still, hope dies last, so I have spent the morning trying to sort out what is left of the chaos that passes for my diary, various dates and cancellations and rebookings and recancellations all in there like some destroyed wax tablet, except in digital form.

I have no doubt that one day later this year I shall turn up for an engagement only to find out that it was cancelled a year before, or lie there warmly in bed of a morning when I should have been perched on some organ stool somewhere. As one of my bandmates used to say when things were going very, very wrong indeed – “We’ll look back and laugh about this some day.”

For now, though, I am not in the greatest of moods, and that despite having a couple of concerts coming up over the next two days, two recitals with a couple of singers in a hotel garden. The good weather which will hopefully make that such a pleasant experience has unfortunately also brought out the dogs barking at nothing and the banging choons from passing cars, the joys of the British summer.

Today I have been mainly clearing the decks, replying to emails about the latest announcement and the various reschedulings that it has caused, so I have not managed to get any notes onto paper and am pessimistic about being able to do so later. The important thing is to keep everything up to date and ticking over so that I can then free up some time later in the week for the writing.

Alongside it all I still have the board game scribbling ticking along, which is going very nicely at the moment, keeping the profligate spending fund topped up, and I have to say that I am enjoying it, even if Google’s search parameters keep moving the stylistic target, Still, good to have something to be getting on with, and at least the glass-half-full side of me knows that we are nearly out of this thing. Nearly.