I wrote a very long and quite angry post the other day about the differences between amateur choirs and football crowds and then ended up not posting it. The absurdity and hypocrisy of the situation is so obvious and blatant that my writing seemed likely to achieve nothing more than hurling yet more empty words at the internet and, besides, nobody in charge is listening, so the situation continues to be massively frustrating, and I shall just leave it at that.

I have, however, spent a good hour or two on the first half of the symphony already this morning, and listening through to it has prompted me to write this post, because I think that the first section of the work might just be finished. The past week has seen me adding details and lines and polishing and refining, and these two movements now feel satisfying and complete. I doubt that they are actually complete, because there is definitely more to come, but it could in theory stand as it is.

The second half of the piece still needs a similar amount of work, especially the first half of the second half (so movement three), but even that is close to completion and I can feel that the end is in sight. The form and the structure is solid, so it is a case of keeping the material fresh and striking the right balance between repetition and novelty.

Rather happily, the narrative thrust of the symphony so far seems to work quite well, slow sections breaking into more active sections just when needed and hectoring areas dissipating at the point when they are just threatening to outstay their welcome. It all feels as right as something totally abstract which moves only in the untouchables of vibration and time can do, right on the border of being exciting.

Over the past fortnight some of this work has even been pleasurable, which is a rarity for me as far as composition is concerned, but it is an indicator of how pleased I am with how this massive project has progressed. The most recent plan was to have this work finished by the end of June and then to spend a couple of months putting the orchestration together while working on some new pieces, and it is possible that I might even hit those targets. Maybe in the next week I shall be able to look at the entire piano score and consider it done, and that really will be something worth writing about.