It was a weird and not completely wonderful weekend, although it definitely had its plus points, one of which was inviting our neighbour round on Sunday afternoon for some gaming. Given that in normal times my Sundays tend to be spent in the confines of various churches I am taking the opportunity to savour what other folks get up to at the weekend, now that we are in that zone of being able to meet, if not in choirs.

Still, it was good to see those hundreds of people all cheering and shouting at Wimbledon yesterday, presumably not classified as a choir. This whole situation remains deeply unsatisfactory and massively unfair, but that’s the flavour of these days unless there is sport involved, it seems, yet another example of some people having to do what they are told while others do what they like, whether on camera or not.

A band counts as a professional group, though, so tonight I shall be packing up the keyboards and heading out to rehearse with Clyve as we prepare to get back to going out and gigging towards the end of the year. I spent yesterday morning writing out some charts, have another couple to do this morning, and then I should be ready to go by this evening.

When we last met the rehearsal process was quick and easy, not least because the core of the band, all apart from the saxophonist, were current or former players with RetroChic, and it seems that we know our chops. I have spent some rehearsals over the past couple of years with some younger but less prepared players and those sessions tend to loop on and on and round and round, so I am looking forward to tonight.

Mind you, efficiency is what you tend to get when you have people around you who know what they are doing, whether in music or sports or even, say, politics. If you are in any of there fields for the wrong reason then you swiftly get found out, and the only question is how long you can hold on.