Hmm – my intention was to get back to writing this blog more or less daily once things got back to normal but that has not quite happened, mainly because, happily, things have actually been quite busy, such a novel feeling. There was even a performance of Pleasure It Is in Edinburgh over the weekend, so my music is even beginning to get out there once more.

Continuing in that vein, this weekend brings the long-delayed première of my award-winning (I never get tired of that bit!) Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis on Bb, which was to have formed part of the St. Fin Barre Cathedral 150th Anniversary Festival. Said festival did not quite happen, but here we are a year or so later, and it looks as though there will be some kind of celebration after all, after which I shall be able to put the score out there, having kept it locked away from prying eyes for so long.

So, yes, things are getting back on track, and the bookings keep coming in as well, which is keeping the fingers playing and the brain active. After so many months rehearsing the Bach it came to pass that the first wedding at which I played since 2019 featured said Bach, which made me feel as if everything was briefly right with the world.

As I look forward there are more performances out there, including some carols which should be broadcast, of which more anon, and I am continuing to add notes to the cantata and scoring to the symphony when I can grab a spare couple of minutes. It does feel all go at the moment, and I am happy that way.

My brother was also over last week from his new abode in Italy, although he subsequently returned to London sans passport, which resulted in our covering a few more miles on Saturday night than we had planned. All turned out well, though, and I made sure that he had the document in his hands before pushing him gently towards Stansted Airport on Sunday morning, after which I had a lovely day of playing (organ and games) and a hellish day of driving around London looking for parking spots. There was so much that I missed during the lockdowns, but there were some other things that I certainly did not miss at all.