This blog is much less regular than it used to be, but I am still here and even occasionally receive a request to post something, which is what some people might refer to as “demand” but whch is really just a gentle reminder that sometimes it is noticed when things go quiet. Normally a period away from blogging here means either that things are bad or that things are busy, and thankfully the reason that I have been lax in my tapping has been the latter.

I was in Southampton at the start of last week to play for a series of small concerts with OperaUpClose, a group of three performances over two days, and it was relaxed and enjoyable, also my first experience of using my tablet as music rather than printed sheets. My standard set up for playing in bands is now to use the digital versions of my charts, and pretty nifty it all looks as well, but for Classical playing, when many more pages need to be turned, this was a new experience.

In all it worked well, though, and I am glad to have got over that particular digital hurdle, although inevitably I shall need to tweak a few things as I go along. The drive back, and indeed the journeys up to and around London at the weekend, were punctuated by stops to top up the car with petrol as and when I saw a coneless garage, but thankfully Somerset at least seems to have got away without too much disruption, even if it meant some careful timing about when I was where and with how much of a tank.

We went to dinner with one of my bandmates on Friday night, which ended very late indeed as we hunched over a table and solved several cases in MicroMacro: Crime City, which may or may not be a game but is definitely very clever indeed and a whole lot of fun. The late end to the evening had a knock-on effect, though, and up until this morning I have been trying to catch up with my tiredness.

On Monday might it was Bach with Parly Choir and yesterday flew by in a blur of organisation (cleaning, broken dishwasher, cleaning broken dishwasher, chasing a lost parcel…) until I ended up in rehearsal in Bath with Clyve’s Soul City Foundation band, which went very well indeed. As for composition, well, there has not been very much of that at all, and it seems to suffer the same fate as this blog when things are hectic, but if I am writing this then there is clearly time to write today, so back to the cantata and the symphony I go, and hopefully that effort will provide the impetus for another appearance here before too long.

Getting ready to get going…