Last week could definitely have been one of those occasions when I popped a post up every single day, but, although the idea did occur to me, I was often so tired by nightfall that the energy simply was not there, so a digested week it is once more, no doubt with many of the details lost to time. It was, however, a giddy whirl of music, meetings, rehearsals and performances, culminating in Easter Day and, just before the end of Sunday, news of another performance.

The highlight of the week was definitely the first performance of a new cantata, although not one of mine. This was Stations Of The Cross by Laurence Rosenthal who has (checks Wiki) two Oscar nominations and seven Emmy awards – so no pressure – and with text by John Goldsmith. In the spirit of one of those Channel Four shows with the artificially created deadline (“The team has only twenty four hours to redecorate the staff toilet” – Why?!) I was asked to put together a first performance of this work with a very short lead time indeed. Anyway, it happened, and composer, librettist, musicians and audience all seemed delighted with the way it went.

Because of this project and the whole Holy Week thing I seemed to spend most of the week driving back and forth between London and Somerset, so if you heard loud singing on Saturday night near Basingstoke as King’s X unexpectedly appeared on the Radio 2 Rock Show then that was me. I was also able to break my Thursday night journey by stopping to meet some fellow gamer/musicians (or musician/gamers) who I am hoping I can describe as friends. In other words, although much of the week was intense and hectic, there were moment of rest and delight tucked in the middle of it all.

Talking of delight, we had around a hundred people at the cantata performance on Friday evening, plus a packed and truly joyous Mary Abbots on Sunday, everybody positively fizzing at the chance to celebrate Easter properly for the first time since 2019. Yes, 2019. Talking of fizz, even the gallant organist, whose post-first-service and pre-second-service voluntaries stoped them from joining in all the fun was looked after – that would be me, by the way.

Go on then…

Back home on Sunday I was asleep on the sofa within half an hour of getting through the door, even with the snooze credit of a quick nap in a service station by the A303, and then on Monday I was at Wells Cathedral, although at least that is a much shorter commute. In the background I received notification that the Missa Festiva will be performed on 15th May at St. Pancras Parish Church as part of the London Festival of Contemporary Church Music, though I will be at Mary Abbots that morning for the performance of the St. Mary Abbots Jubilate for the 150th anniversary of the current church building. Oh, and this coming Sunday brings with it the oft-delayed first performance of the Cantata Of Saint Dunstan. It is pretty much all go at the moment.