The last week seems to have passed in something like a whirlwind of arranging, orchestrating and charting, but by Saturday evening I had broken the back of most of it, to the extent that I might actually be able to treat myself to come proper composing in the coming days. I am definitely in the mood for it after a couple of months of taking it easy after the completion of Sight Adjusts Itself To Darkness.

Yesterday morning at Hampstead we ran my Missa Clemens, which went very well indeed and ended up with one member of the congregation requesting a copy of the score, which was encouraging. I then pootled along to Mary Abbots and spotted a flyer for a forthcoming concert at the church which features “Kensington’s greatest composers”, namely Parry, Stanford, Howells, Boyce, Walton, and some chancer called O’Neill, which made me chuckle, but deeply impressed a couple of people I mentioned it to.

In fact, now I come to think of it, my Bath Responses were performed at Mabbots yesterday morning, so that was a double whammy for my scribblings, with more to come over the coming months. I never take these performances for granted, especially after the dearth of opportunities in 2020, so it is heartening to find that they have taken on a semi-regular rhythm since things have opened up.

On the other side of the musical fence, 50% of RetroChic took to the bandstand at Collett Park in Shepton on Saturday afternoon for an hour-long set as part of Collett Park Day, the three of us breezing through a fifteen-song set which included the likes of Lovely Day by the wonderful Bill Withers, Black Horse And Cherry Tree, which went down particularly well, and, as our closer, Mr. Blue Sky. So preposterous was the division of the vocal duties among the three of us in that last number that I nearly found myself unable to sing because the temptation to laugh was so strong, but I managed to stay the course, and we had a whole pile of fun.

There was a great deal of laughter among our singers on Sunday morning at Hampstead before and after the service as well, a small group of people who were clearly enjoying the experience of making music with each other, which is exactly the environment I have been trying to create. That combination of happiness and music is a potent thing, one serving to augment the other in a truly alchemical way, a kind of magic.

Lovely day