It was a tricky week at home, as I was back and forth to the vet with Dylan, who had shown signs of not being very well at all over the weekend. He had various tests done, cuddled up to me as he had his blood pressure taken, and we have had to make a few changes to his regime to ensure that the same thing does not happen again. Almost immediately he was back to his old self, interactive and chatty, involved and curious, and I noticed straight away that he had started purring again, which was a good sign.

My plans were therefore slightly disrupted, but I still managed to get some music-making done, cracking on with arrangements and spending Saturday afternoon accompanying for a session on Beethoven 9. It also seems that RetroChic might well be booked for next year’s Collett Park Day, after our set last week, so maybe it is time to dig out those albums of 70s and 80s cheese.

There was a little more arranging that came my way last week, so while I was hopeful of being able to put it all behind me and get on with my own writing, I am still chopping and changing other people’s work, and adding notes to my own as and when I am able to. As long as Dylan keeps to being his usual self this week then I am hopeful of not having to drop everything at short notice, although, if truth be told, I often have to do this anyway when he wants a pick up and a carry.

Over the next few weeks work begins to pick up once more as the rhythm of the musical year reaches one of its climaxes, with concerts, services and, of course, the Anghiari Festival. I feel that I am just about ahead of the game on all of these at the moment, though I need to keep my momentum up to ensure that I do not fall behind, and they all represent that renewed pleasure in making music as a group that has been absent for so long.

I have to sort out a little professional matter this weekend – a positive one – which will hopefully be another stone in the foundation of the next few years of my work, and apart from that the week ahead brings with it more of the usual fodder – arranging, writing, planning, directing and playing. There will also be plenty of time made for cuddles and nuzzles with Dylan, and I know that when I make it home late tonight he will be there to ask me how things have been and give me a big, furry (and purry) hug.

The patient patient (with his hot water bottle…don’t ask)