I kept pushing on with the symphony during the week, adding detail to the second movement and accepting that this is definitely going to be a first draft of the final version of the piece rather than the final version itself. I really am looking forward to having a properly printed copy in my hands, though, not just because I shall be able to get to work on it with a red pen but also because it will be the first time I will have had a physical manifestation of what, up to now, has existed almost exclusively on the screen.

We spent some more time on my Slovenian carol arrangement on Monday evening with Parly Choir, which was all fine and dandy and causing them no problems at all. It is definitely on the lighter side where my arrangements are concerned, but I think that it does the job it sets out to do and the singers seem to be enjoying it, which is important.

I also sent off another batch of pieces for another call for scores, jumping through the usual hoops to get them submitted, which included some correspondence with the organisation’s web designer (I presumed) in an attempt to find out why my application was being rejected time after time. I feared that it might have been quality control, but in fact it was simply something to do with one of the files, which means that this is now sorted and more of my music is sitting there waiting to be looked at by various people.

I was also doing a fair bit of organ playing around and about, including at the Royal Festival Hall and at Wells Cathedral. I often wonder if I would have made it further as an organist without the composition, or vice versa, or even whether going into cathedral music would have enabled me to have a better opportunity to get my compositions out there, but I decided long ago that that world was not really for me and, besides, I did a decade at St. George’s so I have been there, done that.

For the coming week I shall push on with the symphony, and it is just possible that I will be able to get to the third movement, which would be very good news indeed, indicative of swift progress, but there should also be opportunities to add notes to another orchestral piece and maybe to sketch another couple of things for other calls for scores. Success is, after all, the product of small efforts put in day in and day out, so the important thing is to keep plugging away.