It has been a decent week of music as the year begins to settle into its rhythm. There is a fair amount of admin-type stuff going on, which is to be expected as I take on more of an organisational role in various things, but I have also been able to get a fair amount of writing done, and also to make a breakthrough on the new orchestral piece.

Well, I hope it is a breakthrough and it certainly feels like one, and I must admit that I am much happier with the material I now have than with what I had before, all of which has ended up in the “might be reworked” file. I went back to the drawing board, almost literally, did a bit of study, and then went down a new route, which seems to be bearing fruit.

In the end the competition piece that was up against the tight deadline did not end up being finished, which was more or less what I expected, so more sketchings into the “might be reworked” file (it’s a very large file!) and instead I am looking at tweaking an existing piece for something next month instead. The competition entries ebb and flow, as you never know quite what any result will be, and sometimes I forget that that whole area of writing is even there, but I normally have an iron or two in the fire at any one time.

Talking of irons in the fire, I have had three pieces accepted onto the London Festival Of Contemporary Music’s shortlist of pieces for this year – Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis on C, Missa Clemens and An Exaltation Of Skylarks. Having pieces accepted does not necessarily mean that they will end up being performed, but at least they are out there to be placed under people’s noses, which is far better than their languishing in obscurity.

I also hooked up by phone with a couple of long-lost friends, one of whom I have not been in contact with for something like a quarter of a century, which was nothing intentional, just the way that life apparently goes. After so much time you do wonder if people have changed, probably because so many of them have, and I have lost count of the number of times I have given my details to somebody and had them say that they will drop me a line, only to hear nothing back (a little like some composition competitions, actually!), but this particular person got right back to me, which was a delight, so hopefully we shall meet up some time in February. Drinks might well be had.