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There was very little composition going on yesterday as instead I spent a chunk of time researching obscure composers from the 1600s onwards, one of whom is remembered not at all for his music, but only because he was described by one of his contemporaries as “bandy legged and contemptuously regarded”. I can rest secure in the knowledge that, at the very least, I am not bandy legged.

I dispatched this project in a single day rather than do it over the span of a weekend because I want to get back to being a notesmith as soon as possible, and the sooner my admin is out of the way, the better. Heavens, rather than surf the net on Thursday evening after I got home I actually did some work until the early hours, which has to be something of a first.

As mentioned before, the next little errands I need to fulfil are primarily for myself, tidying up three of my pieces in preparation for their performances in June and July. This is not the most exciting work, but it does need to be done, and it will give me the opportunity to revise, refine and adjust those areas which did not have enough time spent on them the last time around. I also need to register some of my newer pieces with the PRS so that, in the event that they make it into the repertoire, I can earn enough from my labours to treat the O’Neill household to a bottle of wine every now and then. Once these two small projects are complete I can get back to the Viola Concerto or Concertino or whatever it will turn out to be. This piece has lived at the back of my mind for some time now, and I really do want to do some work on it before I forget entirely what it was about.

As I head into the weekend I will be trying to fit those little bits of work around the concert for the Occam Singers this evening, for whom some of this work is being done. I also have a few things to do on Sunday, but nothing too strenuous, and nothing on the horizon which should detract from my ability to get it all finished in reasonable time.