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No writing today apart from a short perusal of the sketches for Why Should We Not Sing, trying to remember which bit of scribbling goes where. Instead I had a relatively leisurely morning by recent standards, although much of it was spent wielding a vacuum cleaner (cats, eh…), and then headed into town to rehearse for this, which promises to be very fine indeed. It’s reassuring to know that my fingers still just about work when faced with the tricky stuff, also educational how much can be done with a little practice. I also surveyed the compositional horizon, and realised that my next competition entry may turn out to be a revision of an earlier (failed) entry. This will save time and also hone the piece, both desirable.

Apart from that there is not really a huge amount to report, just the hum of quiet industry, although it is worth pointing out that tonight, on the other side of the Atlantic, King’s X are performing with drummer Jerry Gaskill now fully recovered from his heart attack and pneumonia. It seems you really can’t keep a good man down.

King’s X in rehearsal last week.