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Well, it’s been a few days since the last post.  Where to start?  It’s been a good week and a bit for my music, as seems (refreshingly) to be the case more and more.  The Occam Singers performed my setting of Shelley’s Music last Sunday evening at their summer concert, The Lord Is My Light is scheduled for two more performances by the London University Church Choir, directed by Sally Martin-Brown, at Southwark Cathedral and St. George’s, Windsor, A New Unison Mass was heard in Canterbury Cathedral earlier this week on the feast of the Translation of Thomas Becket…and I managed to finish the Te Deum Laudamus, although in this last case I have to admit that I overstepped the deadline by a couple of hours.

In addition to this, I have, with some help from many well-minded individuals, been trying to put financial ideas together for the proposed performance of 1215: Foundation Of Liberty.  I’ll write more about this as and when progress is made, but the tough part is going to be the next two weeks.  It can, I think, be done.

The Anghiari introductions are also all written, awaiting translation into Italian, again a couple of hours behind schedule but not enough to cause any worry, and it looks as if this year’s Festival will be a good one – music by the greats as well as offerings by those less known but who deserve to be, such as Korngold, Leigh and – have I mentioned him before? – Finzi.

So, as so many times in the past, it is onwards and upwards.  The Te Deum is with the printers pretty much as I write, so for now it is back to 1215, the Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis on Eb and some other projects.  It would be good to have this all done and dusted by the end of the month, leaving August free to move on with other projects.  Meanwhile, on we go.