I seemed to spend most of the latter half of last week behind keyboards. Sometimes it was a computer keyboard, altering a couple of arrangements for the Parliament Choir’s carol concert this week, but on other occasions I was either at the synths or the organ, busy dealing with all kinds of music.

On Wednesday evening I was in rehearsal with RetroChic, and on the Friday we played our first gig since we appeared online way back in the gap between lockdowns last year. For a band that has not played together for over twelve months we were unfeasibly tight, and I thought that we performed really well all evening. The audience was a little unresponsive, possibly because it was a combined retirement/Christmas thing that had been twice delayed, and possibly because the fear of catching the plague meant that folks were reluctant to get up onto the dance floor. Whatever, we had a great time.

The follwing afternoon I was back at the synths for a long rehearsal with Clyve’s Soul City Foundation, and two of the faces looked distinctly familiar as they had been playing in the band the previous evening. Sometimes we refer to this particular project slightly mischievously as RetroClyve, but it is a bigger unrdertaking, with a couple of saxes and extra singers and percussionists dotted around. Some of the repertoire is the same in theory, but often in a different key and with a slightly revised structure, so we need to keep our wits about us.

This coming Friday we perform in Bath, a gig that was cancelled last year but which I played in the before times (i.e. 2019) and which was a bucket of fun. I am really looking forward to this one, so if you find yourself in the area and feel like a party which adheres to all the Covid rules despite being a party then see if you can grab a ticket and I’ll wave to you from the stage.

It was serious me on Sunday, though, running the music morning and evening at Mabbots, which, for some reason, was a particularly happy place to be that day with some lovely repertoire. I then fired back to Somerset for the remaining hours of the weekend, and the days ahead look to be similarly busy, so, at least until the middle of the month, composition looks as though it will have to wait, but I am ready to get back to it with a vengeance once the diary clears up a little.

Take her away, warp factor four…