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I was up early this morning, chased by the dawn all the way down the M4 until I speared off just north of Bristol.  By 10:30, keyboards set up, drums tightened and guitars tuned, JEBO were back in business, running through some of our songs more to see how the land lies rather than anything else, and also because, well, it’s been a while since we did it.

Like putting on a favourite pair of slippers, I had forgotten just how snug and comforting the fit was and how welcoming the environment.  We had run through our selection of songs in relatively quick order and, with time to spare, set out to explore some other nooks and crannies of our catalogue.  By the time we downed tools at 2 and I pointed the Toyota eastwards it felt as though we were back in business, with talk of recording, gigging and all the rest of it back in the air.

I have a little more time this weekend to proof my two carol arrangements, and then a run of busy days coming up, but it is going to be back to the Carta Cantata as soon as possible, with the intention of having a running sketch by the end of the coming week.  It is a tall order, but it does not have to be perfect or complete, just there.  I think it can be done.

I appeared briefly on The One Show last night, silently warming up the Parliament Choir before a short performance based on the Westminster chimes, so it was quite amusing to catch myself on iPlayer just before I went to sleep.  The recording was some months ago, in July, I think, so I had more or less forgotten about it before the notice came through yesterday afternoon.

Being in the west has underlined, as if underlining were needed, that I am looking forward to The Move.  Having the band only half and hour up the road will be a happy by-product, another reason to be cheerful.